Every style of martial art has its strengths and weaknesses. If it’s a good kicking and striking style, it may not have ground fighting or weapons training. Conversely, if the style is effective at grappling and throws, such as Judo, it may be weak or nonexistent in the striking skills. The Parra Academy of Martial Arts Programs offer an exciting, composite system of training structured to address all areas of defense. Certified instruction in the 5 martial arts (Jeet kune Do, Kali, Thai Boxing, BJJ, MMA) taught at the Academy ensures a student becomes a well rounded, complete martial artist.


Q. Will I have to worry about getting hurt?                                                                                 No Contact! The beauty of the Parra Academy is that you will workout in all the styles and not have to worry about contact injuries while still training in Mixed Martial Arts.  There is no contact except with the bag and focus mitts and possibly your ego.

Q. I’ve never taken a martial arts class before what do I need to bring to class?
The only “uniform” that’s required is an school t-shirt and shorts. Only wrestling shoes, socks, or bare feet are allowed in the gym to protect the mat surface from germs and bacteria.

Q.  How fit do I have to be to take an adult martial arts class?
We have people of almost all levels of fitness attend our classes. Your level of fitness is not that important of a factor because we work on improving your level, no matter where you are in terms of physical fitness.

Q. How are classes structured?
In our Adult program, each class is self paced, you don’t have to keep up with the person next to you.  Class curriculum then combines teachings from one or more of the five arts studied at the Academy. JKD and Kali students are broken into groups by skill and belt ranking so each student is guaranteed a training session tailored to their level.

Q. Do you have a belt ranking system?
For our core class we have a belt ranking system from White to Black. Our specialty classes follow the customs and ranking structure of each particular art (Kali, Jeet Kune Do, Grappling, and Muay Thai Kickboxing).

Q. I’m a black belt in another art, will my rank transfer to your school?
We encourage students with other certifications to train with us. You will still retain your rank in the specific art (such as Tae Kwon Do) but the overall school rank will be determined by meeting the requirements for each specific belt level.